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November, 2017

"From Belgium with Light" with Luc Ramael, exhibition dedicated to Belgian design

Among the guest designers of the exhibition "From Belgium with Light" presented to "Magasin aux foins & Écuries" of Hornu in Belgium, there will also be Luc Ramael with Beam and Cone lamps, two of the important products born by the collaboration which links the designer to Martinelli Luce. The lighting design from Belgium is characterized by a very technical style but also by an emotionally engaging know-how, as is the case with Luc Ramael's lamps, a rigorous, but versatile and creative design example. 
19 november 2017 - 25 february 2018 Magasin aux foins & Écuries, Site du Grand-Hornu, Rue Sainte-Louise, 82, Hornu | Belgique
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