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Recognition of the Martinelli Luce historical trademark 2023

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Recognition of the Martinelli Luce historical trademark 2023
June, 2023
Martinelli Luce enters the company into the Special Register of Historic Marks of National Interest.

The year 2023 marks the achievement of an important recognition for our company: inclusion in the Special Register of Historic Brands of National Interest. Established by the Ministry of Economic to protect and enhance production excellence historically linked to the territory and active for at least fifty years.
To date, it includes just over 550 Italian brands. (data updated to 9 May 2023, source: Ministry of Business and Made in Italy, Uibm).

This important milestone comes just a few days before the announcement of the agreement between ADI Associazione per il Disegno Industriale and Associazione Marchi Storici d'Italia. A step that marks the beginning of a collaboration between the two bodies intended to promote design as a strategic lever in all areas of production, not only nationally but also internationally.

Due to our ongoing experimentation, research, technological advancement, innovation, and the distinctive qualities of our designs, we have represented one of the top lighting firms in Italian design for more than seventy years. These are all elements that throughout time helped the brand establish itself as a standard in the decorative and lighting industries.

"I am very proud to have reached this significant milestone, which illustrates the direction taken by a business with an eye toward the future and rich in expertise in the decorative and technical lighting industries. This expertise has helped the company establish itself and continue to expand in a market that is always changing. I want to extend my profound gratitude to our entire network as well as to my grandfather Elio for the great work he did, always with passion and will". (Martinelli Luce CEO Marco Ghilarducci).
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