A connection to historical chandeliers that has been updated in terms of expression and technology.


Designed for smart working, Avro is the smart lamp that conceals a power socket under the diffuser

How ideas are born

How ideas are born

...and where they are realized.
Ideas provide fresh viewpoints that break the conventional. This is Martinelli Luce.

And so, even before Pipistrello, the Serpente lamp, a synthesis of intuition and inventiveness, becomes its icon.
A story of light that begins in the theatre 70 years ago.

Spot Light

Pipistrello POP
Pipistrello Pop brightens up places by adding energy nearby objects and their surroundings.
It becomes a design piece symbolising optimism and vitality.‎
Yellow reflects a youthful spirit and appeals to people who prefer to surround themselves with colors as well as those who wish to make an unimpressive environment feel lively and welcoming.
Multidot is extremely flexible and configurable for any environment.
Each cable can in fact be freely positioned in the space, generating infinite compositions, both regular and random, which differ in the number and length of the cables, as well as the number of LED light spheres.

Discover Led+O, a wall lamp that enchants with its enveloping light and essential design.

Made of die-cast aluminum, with double concavity creating a play of light and shadow, Led+O transforms any space into an elegant and serene environment.

New products

What new Martinelli Luce products are.
They are new horizons and new angles of light seen through the eye of designers that think creatively and are prepared to deviate from the norm to accomplish more audacious aims while upholding a strong corporate.
The new lamps combine aesthetic and lifestyle improvement; every aspect is meticulously designed to guarantee a distinctive and thrilling lighting experience.

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