Create your own lamp in a few clicks

Choosing a lamp, decorative and especially modular, without the support of a consultant can be challenging.
Find configurable products on our website
On the product pages of this site, where reasonable, you have the configurator available that allows you to play with the possible variants of lamps, helping you to quickly obtain the finished product that precisely meets your lighting needs.

What you get using the configurator

  • the process of all customised product variables
  • reduced design time without calculations or code lists to modify
  • simplicity of composition thanks to the intuitive tool
  • a final document with description and technical characteristics of the configured lamp
  • reduced error margins

Configure architectural, modular lamps

Using the configurator to compose an architectural, hence complex, lamp becomes a pleasant and useful activity to understand the product. You can have fun adding or removing elements, you can rotate the figure to understand its entire volume and extension from every angle, you can choose the colour temperature, you can see the dimensions of the individual elements and the total in real time, so as not to make mistakes.

Architectural lamps such as Mamba, Lunaop, Colibri or Lady Galala for example, take shape, your shape, clearly and easily. Try the configurator.

Configure decorative lamps

For decorative lamps, the configurator has more informative and aesthetic value than design value. Take a Bat for example, you can choose between different colours and sizes, you can change patterns and see it on or off. Again, once you decide which version you prefer, you get the final document with all the complete information.

Setting up designer lamps becomes an interactive and fun experience.