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Interni. Statale di Milano. A journey between Italy and Spain.

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Interni. Statale di Milano. A journey between Italy and Spain.
September, 2021
Like every Design Week, the magazine Interni organised a major event at the Università Statale with more than twenty installations by thirty-five designers, who were able to create an open and welcoming atmosphere in the place, designed to amaze, fascinate and entertain. And, above all, to explain, even to non-experts, the role of design in creating those "creative connections" that increasingly lead to true sustainable innovation.

The various installations include "Design. Un viaggio tra Italia e Spagna' (Design. A journey between Italy and Spain), where Martinelli Luce illuminated the installation created by Davide Valoppi of Noarc Studio in which they were presented the seven winning projects of the competition organised by the Italian Embassy in Madrid.

The ciulifruli lamps were positioned inside the three red cages that recall the bond between Italy and Spain and represent the lockdown period. 
In the two lateral cages there are the frenetic noises of a now digital sociality leading towards a larger central cage; here the atmosphere and sounds are more relaxed, the environment more comfortable and welcoming.
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