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Martinelli Luce tells its story in a new corporate video

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Martinelli Luce tells its story in a new corporate video
June, 2021

Martinelli Luce has commissioned the Diorama studio - with offices in Paris, Milan and Verona - to produce the new corporate video to communicate its positioning within the world of lighting design. 

With the guidance of the creative director Uros Vukovic and the original music of Iz Svemira, the viewer discovers the brand through a selection of products that are just hinted but represent at best the values of the company.

The video reel plays on strongly emotional contents and on a sequence of images - 3D renderings - made of lights, shapes and colours with the aim of involving the viewer on an emotional level.

Minimalism, geometry and nature are the values through which Martinelli Luce tells its story and takes inspiration for its lamps. But also technological research and modularity, which are cornerstones of the company's production, are clearly perceptible in many objects. These elements are highlighted thanks to the key words that flow fluidly together with the images, in a continuous dance of "see-through" with the products.

Profiterolle, by Sergio Asti, opens the curtain and starts the mise en scène with a glacial setting: the material of the lamp, which crystallises like water and takes on all the facets of ice, immediately highlights the strong bond between the company and nature.

Nature has always played a fundamental role in Martinelli Luce's lamps, who takes inspiration from it to shape the lamps and the names with which they are associated. This is the case of Cobra: designed by Elio Martinelli inside a perfect circle that makes its lines unmistakable, or Serpente with sinuous and elegant profiles just like the reptile. And then there is Pipistrello, by Gae Aulenti, the most iconic lamp that tells of technological research, because for the technical solutions adopted and the particular design approach, the company has been pursuing this fundamental asset for more than 50 years.

Hints of these products are scrolled on the screen and evoke space and science fiction scenarios through a game of eclipses and dawns that highlight the value of minimalism; no additional elements but only essentiality, simplicity and functionality.

A whirlwind of emotions and colours takes the viewer to Marc Sadler's Mico, a mushroom that is told through the perfect geometry of its spores. The changing play of textures then leads us to Elastica, a fabric band whose weave recalls the scales of a snake. Mamba, Calabronet and Nuvole Vagabonde then take us towards modularity, in which several elements put together create an infinite play of light.

A video of impact, which gives emotions and accompanies the viewer in the Martinelli Luce universe, rich in history and values strongly rooted in the DNA of the company, which has always promoted light through innovative products and projects, the result of continuous technological research towards modern, functional and design solutions

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