The Martinelli Luce showroom in Lucca's historic center is not just a shop selling the company's lights, but also a venue open to design, a point of interest and reference for architects and designers, and a container for previews, exhibitions, and special events. The showroom, which now spans two floors, has grown in prestige over the years.

In addition to Martinelli Luce lamps, the store features products and furnishings from the top national and worldwide brands, which are on display and for sale. The fittings are designed directly by architect Emiliana Martinelli.

A dynamic space, open to project culture

The Martinelli Luce store windows are renewed throughout the year in conjunction with the different festivals that take place in Lucca, with decorations that represent the themes inherent in these events. Lucca Comics & Games, Carnival, Dance Festivals, and other events are examples. As a result, the lighting becomes an intrinsic part of real-world representations.

The showroom is not simply a 'follower,' a companion to the events that take place in the city, but it is also a venue where Martinelli Luce (or co-directed with cultural institutions and associations) organizes activities. Examples include the exhibition dedicated to the founder Elio Martinelli, the presentation of the book dedicated to him, the presentation of the Cobra Texture project, and the inauguration of the Metaverso Martinelli Luce to commemorate Elio's 100th birthday, a combination of a past that is still very much alive and a present that builds on, cultivates, and renews its origins for the future.