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Quirinale Contemporaneo

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Quirinale Contemporaneo
September, 2021

Martinelli Luce joins the Quirinale Contemporaneo project

On Wednesday 30 September 2021 the third edition of Quirinale Contemporaneo was inaugurated. The project curated by Cristina Mazzantini aims to expand the heritage of works of art available to the public. There are 101 works of contemporary art and 102 design objects that, since 2019, have enriched the extraordinary cultural heritage of the presidential endowment at Palazzo del Quirinale, Tenuta di Castelporziano and Villa Rosebery.

Martinelli Luce has contributed to the project through the donation of six Pistillo Outdoor lamps designed by Emiliana Martinelli, in a tricolour version, which will be permanently displayed in the courtyard of honour of the Quirinale Palace and in the gardens of Villa Rosebery in Posillipo.

As noted by Renata Cristina Mazzantini, curator of the project and of the Quirinale Contemporaneo catalogue - published by Treccani and with photographs by Massimo Listri - the operation carried out "demonstrates that Italy does not live solely in the reverberation of its magnificent tradition but, today as in the past, is an extraordinary forge of creativity".

The Quirinale Contemporaneo project intends to contribute to the representation and narration of a national identity, the Italian one, capable of striking a happy and fertile balance between the custody of tradition and of the acient and a necessary spirit of innovation and designing the future. The contemporary flair, displayed alongside tradition, makes the Casa degli Italiani a reflection of the times, of history and of the expressive and cultural manifestations of the country in its multiform creativity and becoming.
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