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Scuola e Impresa

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Scuola e Impresa
May, 2024

For several years, we have participated in the Scuola e Impresa (School and Business) project, which connects businesses with schools. We collaborate with institutes such as the Polytechnic of Milan, the Isia of Florence, the Marangoni of Milan and the Liceo Artistico Musicale A. Passaglia in Lucca.

Recently, we concluded the project 'Una Luce per Te' (A Light for You) with the award ceremony for the 4th and 5th design classes of the Liceo Artistico Musicale A. Passaglia, held in our showroom on Saturday 11 May.

During this project, the students were involved in the design of a bedside table lamp. This experience not only provided a stimulating opportunity for young people approaching the world of work, especially in the field of design, but also offered companies the chance to evaluate new ideas, often characterised by the freshness and innovative vision of young people.

We would like to thank the teachers who guided the students during the course, Arch. Michele Martinelli and Alessandro Petroni, as well as the competition commission composed of architects Emiliana Martinelli (president of Martinelli Luce), Marco De Santi and Alessandro Paoletti (Studio Natural), Marta Sansoni, Jacopo Croci and Michel Boucquillon.

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