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September, 2012

"CONFINI SPONTANEI naturalmente reversibili"

An exhibition dedicated to combined objects interpreted through new material/conceptual collections specifically designed for this event by Gumdesign, while equally targeting industrial production with the creation of new items and furnishing accessories.
"Confini spontanei" arise from the innovative and crossways idea of conceptually shifting products from one type of sector to another, thereby generating direct and poetic contact between marble/stone and other materials; a material, conceptual and dream-like contact capable of taking shape through a new approach to culture and products.

design Gumdesign
Companies Martinelli Luce / Il Casone
STONATO  is a new collection of lamps in stone and LED light that comes from the concept of "border", defined limit between concrete and tactile materials and the lightness and intangibility of light.

26th - 29th September 2012 h 09:30 - 18:00
MARMOMACC  Verona fair, pad 7B
Marmomacc, Verona Fair - Sept. 2012
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