This project is rich of hints from the Japanese tradition that the architects strongly and wisely re-examined: the small illuminated niche in the entrance, the wooden panelling to screen and to diaphragm the rooms, the measured light of the swinging lamps, which remind some long candles turned upside down, to focus one’s attention on the spectacular composition of the dishes.
The locking towards the outside of the Japanese restaurant is here reproposed with a light and contemporary mark, thanks to the wooden grillage of the shop windows, a wiring that gives back an unusual perception of space, both indoor and outdoor.
The prevailing composition theme is actually identified in the constant recall to linear elements that from the grillade of the shop windows is reproposed on the false ceiling and on the bottoms and it is finally dismantled into the charming chandelier (MIXTUBE), a cascade of bright pendants made of plexiglass and steel with different length and diameter, suitably drawn by the agency PLS and produced by Martinelli Luce.
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Koko – japanese restaurant – sushi bar

Toscana, Firenze

PLS Design

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