Pharmacy Miccolis

  • Location: Castellana Grotte (BA)
  • Architect: Rosa Topputo D'arc. Studio
  • Tipologia progetto: pharmacy
  • Product type: Pendant

Design of a pharmacy in the Itria Valley, one of Puglia's most affluent neighborhoods.

The realization of a pharmacy that was also a place of wellbeing, where architecture and design positively inspired clients and staff, was the goal that was agreed upon with the client.

A distinctive atmosphere has been created by linear space, light, stretched views, furniture details, color dosed down to the last detail, and hand-painted pottery inspired by the ancient world of Apoteke and its tree essence designs.

Entirely "custom" designed interiors and furnishings that honor the building's historic architecture, including solid walls, windows with authentic antique doors, and high vaults - a typical feature of Puglia - make this place unique.

The modern furnishings, air conditioning and lighting all complement the technological prowess of a modern pharmacy housed in a building that was constructed in 1870 and is considered one of the most significant in Italy, having been designated by the Bari Superintendency.

The areas split into a gallery in the middle that is devoted to pharmaceuticals and generic goods and follow the building's structural layout. It then goes into the Beauty area, which is devoted to the well-being and beauty of women, and it goes on to the room for moms and kids.

Ciulifruli lights provide a welcoming, relaxing light that reflects the modern style and is used to illuminate the areas designated for sales and consultation.