Primary school Marco Gerra

  • Location: Emilia Romagna, Reggio Emilia
  • Architect: Arch. Ilaria Martini,Raffaele Mantovani,studio ing. Guidetti-Serri
  • Tipologia progetto: cultural space
  • Product type:
Projection group 
Architectural project and Travels direction: Arch. Ilaria Martini Project structures and implants
outside study ing. Guidetti-Serri Projectual choises
The volume of the school consists of two buildings with flat roof (the body of the sections at the south and of services at the north ) and from the main highest body of the square and from the shelter entrance.  The exhibition of the building focuses on the sections, positioned to the south -west; common areas such as the square and canteen areas, are located in the central part of the structure, while the services, laundry and deposits, which require a lower heat input because are used only for short periods, are placed in the north area. The entrance to the school is conducted centrally and is visually marked by the shelter, with wooden mantle and aluminum, which connects visually and physically with the square. An environment filter leads into the entrance area where a kind of optical telescope, allows the viewing of the garden through the square and atelier. Internal spaces
The square represents the element of connection between the sections and the area of services; at the ends of the same are obtained multi-purpose areas for lunch and group activities, while it expands into the garden through large windows with two large arcades areas, such as filter between inside and outside areas. The wooden roof of corrugated shape favors the damping of the sound waves, providing a good acoustic comfort inside. The sections, positioned to the south -west , are opened to the garden with large windowed walls that favor the winter sun exposure and allow direct contact with the green. A system of sun screen, filter element between inside and outside,  protects large windows from solar summer radiation.