Middle school canteen

  • Location: Fiume Veneto (PN)
  • Architect: Giuseppe Cesco,Michele Fabbri
  • Tipologia progetto: restaurant
  • Product type:
For the canteen of secondary schools of Fiume Veneto (PN) two main aspects have guided the design in function of the particular activity and for the utility that the build should be welcome: the light and the acoustic. we have tried so to face these themes in a unitary way, searching a solution that could be together armonic and characterizing in order to make the environment in somewhat surprising among that comfortable. Here then the ceiling takes life of big white disks (but could be ok also the colored disks) some of them in the days in which the natural light is not enough, they switch on,  fulfilling the acoustic function (and only those who have been in a school canteen know how important this is ...) and also the lighting element.