Private House

  • Location: Camaiore
  • Architect: Stefano Viviani & Dovichi Paolo
  • Tipologia progetto: private residence
  • Product type:

Within a mere 27 square meters, the architect Stefano Viviani and the interior designer Paolo Dovichi have created a harmonious blend of contemporary and vintage design elements in the guest quarters for Viviani's architecture studio, "Depandance 27."

Including antique mirrors, a console table from the mid-1800s, and a custom carpet, the idea incorporates modern, vintage, and antique pieces with a thoughtful selection of furniture, accessories, and colors.

The Pipistrello lamp fits into this context; it was selected to give the space a genuine contemporary feel while fostering a conversation between the past and present. Pipistrello is a striking example of how classic design can coexist peacefully in an eclectic setting, enhancing the surroundings without taking over.

A few details can sometimes completely change the appearance of an environment and give it a unique look, and Pipistrello has demonstrated from the beginning that it has what it takes to contribute to this.

ph. Diego Laurino