Marta Sansoni




Infinita is a hymn to creative freedom.

It is a free-form piece of art that can appear as a single piece or blend in with other suspensions of different lengths.

Situated among the pure borosilicate glass, the lamp manifests as a suspended artwork, a multicolored prism of possibilities. A central tubular piece with three lengths, representing its beating heart, serves as a platform for three-dimensional linearly shaped volumes, including a cylinder, disc, bell, and rhomboid.

  • IF Design Award 2024 IF Design Award
Main Features:
  • UGR compatible UGR compatible
Designed by Marta Sansoni
Marta Sansoni
A combination of geometric abstraction, rigour, spatial play and monochrome.
Few elements, an Infinita combination
The beating heart, the tubular profile

A primary framework made up of three distinct lengths of a central tubular profile onto which alternating three-dimensional volumes with linear shapes are inserted.

In this way, the play of transparencies is unlocked, captivating the viewer with the vivid contrast between the presence's compelling power and its nearly ethereal, delicate, and elusive essence.

Light module Infinita COD. 40199/150, 40199/120, 40199/70
Length 150 cm - 120 cm - 70 cm
Diameter 5,6 cm
Watt 9
Lumen 970
Structure material Glass, Aluminium
Canopy Material Aluminium
Available in colours:
Forms of borosilicate glass: bell, cylinder, disc, and rhomboid

Thanks to the clear silicone O-rings supporting them, these components come to life and dance in unison, producing a symphony of suspended shapes.

Borosilicate glass adds a play of transparencies that accentuates the wonder of light in addition to giving the lamp its handcrafted workmanship, which turns each component into a one-of-a-kind work of art. Carefully molded, every component creates a unique sculpture.

Since Infinta's essence is malleable, it can be redefined, and spontaneous compositions are possible. An orchestra of light that may be tailored for social events or the pursuit of beauty alone.

Diffuser Infinita COD. 40200
Diameter 20 cm
Height 15 cm
Diffuser Infinita COD. 40201
Diameter 18 cm
Height 8 cm
Diffuser Infinita COD. 40202
Diameter 19 cm
Height 14 cm
Diffuser Infinita COD. 40203
Diameter 22 cm
Height 4 cm
Diffuser material Glass
Available in colours:
The Canopies

Decide on your composition and add the right canopy for 1, 3 or 5 lamps.

Canopy Infinita COD. 40206, 40206/DIM
Watt 10
Number of outputs 1
Diameter 23 cm
Height 5,4 cm
Dimmable 40206 NO, 40206/DIM YES
Canopy Infinita COD. 40207, 40207/DIM
Watt 30
Number of outputs 3
Diameter 44 cm
Height 5,4 cm
Dimmable 40207 NO, 40207/DIM YES
Canopy Infinita COD. 40208, 40208/DIM
Watt 50
Number of outputs 5
Diameter 60 cm
Height 5,4 cm
Dimmable 40208 NO, 40208/DIM YES
Structure material Aluminium
Available in colours:
Photometric curve