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Sistema Hush
design Massimo Farinatti

Hush is a system that combines functionality and design. Thanks to the modular modules it is possible to create lighting systems with a simple or articulated shape, to illuminate and guarantee excellent acoustic comfort at one or more workstations.
The aluminum profile, equipped with an LED light source can live alone or be coupled with sound-absorbing panels. Combined with other profiles, through linear, corner or cross joints it can expand its action area.

The sound-absorbing panels exploit the SISTEMA LIGHT & SOUND technology (CAIMI patents).

Discover all the modules and accessories and compose your Hush lamp or look at the examples to let yourself be inspired or find the solution ready for you.


The technical video shows the Hush soundproofing system, equipped with Snowsound technology by Caimi Brevetti.
The sound absorbing structure of the lamp is made of variable density material in order to absorb acoustic waves selectively at different frequencies. The system includes joints of different types to create modular compositions, particularly suitable in the contract sector such as open space offices, restaurants and public spaces.

hush composer
Open the composer to create your own Hush.
See tutorial to better compose your lamp.
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