Hush - The panels

Hush - The panels


Massimo Farinatti




The sound-absorbing panels utilize the patented Snowsound® technology (CAIMI patents) to achieve acoustic correction simply and quickly.

Hush is a system that combines lighting and acoustic efficiency while maintaining aesthetics.

The lamp is modular. In fact, you can design basic or flexible shapes to illuminate and guarantee the best acoustic comfort by combining the different modules. The Hush lamp is perfect for a workspace.

Main Features:
  • Acoustic comfort Acoustic comfort
Designed by Massimo Farinatti
Massimo Farinatti
Remove the superfluous to bring out the essence of the product by always put man, with his needs and desires, at the base. This is the design philosophy of Farinatti Design
The panel's supporting technologies

Different densities of material were used to create the panels, allowing for selective absorption at various frequencies. This makes it possible to optimize the room's acoustics. In addition to being exceedingly thin, sound-absorbing panels are also very light and space-saving.

To accommodate any necessity, Hush sound-absorbing panels can be either wall-mounted or suspended, moreover they can be placed inside a space with or without lighting. For instance, Hush with light is ideal for offices and restaurants, whereas the panels alone are appropriate for all settings that require noise reduction but are already illuminated.

Sound absorbing panel Hush COD. 40112, 40112.1
Length 159 cm
Depth 2,2 cm
Height 44 cm
Structure material Fabric
Available in colours:
The Hush wall support kit

Hush is equipped by a kit with two brackets for wall mounting. It can be used for the panel without the lamp body to be fixed to the wall.

2 wall supports kit Hush COD. 40134
Structure material Aluminium