Hush wall without panels

Hush wall without panels


Massimo Farinatti




Hush can be utilized without panels if no noise absorption specifications are needed. The lamp's inner profile is also intended to be "naked” in an ambience, in the wall or suspended way. Modularity is not considered in this form of Hush, which merely has the luminous body, as opposed to Hush hanging with panels.
Main Features:
  • Dimmable Dimmable
Designed by Massimo Farinatti
Massimo Farinatti
Remove the superfluous to bring out the essence of the product by always put man, with his needs and desires, at the base. This is the design philosophy of Farinatti Design
Hush wall without panels
Simple, modern, essential
The lamp body

Hush's aluminium profile allows for a variety of aesthetic and functional solutions.

The light is indirect and UGR-compatible, thus ensuring context-appropriate lighting. With its minimalist design, the lamp blends into the surrounding space, becoming a contemporary furnishing element.

Light module Hush COD. 40074.3
Length 125 cm
Depth 5 cm
Height 8 cm
Watt 47 + 28
Lumen 4620 + 1944
Structure material Aluminium
Available in colours:

Hush without panels with a wall-mounted lamp body is equipped with an intermediate head and a support kit for wall connections. The canopy completes the lamp.

Middle head Hush COD. 40075
Width 5 cm
Height 7,5 cm
Wall supports kit + Canopy Hush COD. 40132
Structure material Aluminium
Available in colours:
Wall light modules without panels