Mobile, functional, cheerful

An adjustable accent light for outdoor use. You can simply place it on the ground and illuminate with its various beams of light, a hedge, a large tree, a corner of your garden and even a sculpture.
Designed by Emiliana Martinelli
Emiliana Martinelli
Photography, graphics and painting are his favourite hobbies. He always has a notebook and pencil with him to draw and capture that moment of an expression, a shadow, an effect that stimulates his imagination.
Minifrog increases the Frog outdoor lamp family as a scaled-down variant. This new version makes it less invasive in the garden, creating a more mysterious ambience. Moving Minifrog is even easier because it is lighter and its smaller size allows it to be used even on a small terrace. Minifrog is designed as a discreet, yet fun light point thanks to the range of colours on offer.
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