Remembering satellites in space

An allusion to satellite dishes and to space. A white or multi-colored light reflects on the adjustable curved surface supported by two light chromed arms and lights in a diffused way with games of light and shadow on the environment surrounding you.
Designed by Marco Ghilarducci
Marco Ghilarducci
Rational and creative. A glaze to the function and one to the lines.

TX1 is pure essentiality: the lamp consists of a cylinder, two slender arms and a disc: pure geometric shapes that give it character and versatility.


Thanks to the reflector - a convex disc made of coated aluminium - the light produced by the cylindrical base can be directed freely, achieving high visual comfort, thanks also to the light, which is never glaring.

TX1 has a new version: LUXURY, in matt pearl grey with brass details, available in two different sizes.


The "STANDARD" can be placed on a low table near a sofa or on the floor, the "MED" is designed to be used as a proper table lamp on a desk or in the living area to give a touch of warm and welcoming light.


The peculiarity of this version is the multi-layered luxury paint finish, from which it takes its name, obtained through the use of special pearl pigments that add texture and character to the colour, which is rich, textured and deep.


The lamp receives three coats of varnish that give it an exclusive and pleasant touch effect.

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