A trail of light

The movement produces light. By rotating the arm, Elica does not fly off, but it lightens and goes out. There are no switches that alter the harmony of its shape; it is a propeller of mere light that shapes.

Designed by Brian Sironi
Brian Sironi
His focus as a designer is on the relationship between the object and the user, between form and function of the product, favouring the search for pure forms.

Its history

"I received a call from the office that day. It was a designer who had called the company several times in the past few days, demanding to speak with me. We connected that day because I instantly liked him for his tenacity and never giving up.

The young designer wanted to show me the prototype of his lamp and apologize for calling so much. He wanted my feedback. Curious, I did not keep Brian Sironi waiting when he arrived in Lucca a few days later from Milan. "Come, let's head to the white table in my studio," I said to him. Brian removed his wooden concept from an amorphous plastic bag. It was made of two taped-together pieces, much like the LED strip on the pivoting arm, but it functioned! It had the desired outcome.

"Okay, we'll do it!" was my immediate response. "Good, how old are you?" I asked him. It was his very first lamp. We had to present it, even though the fair was almost over and it needed to be engineered right away. So, we did, and to Brian's surprise, it was at the fair within a few months, just like the 'Award Young design of amazement' that he had won at the 2009 fair for up-and-coming young designers. Next came every other honor, culminating in the Compasso d'Oro ADI in 2011. Elica was born in this manner”.

Emiliana Martinelli

Pure design

Pure design

The expressive immediateness of its design and the purity of its form are embodied in this table lamp. The golden section is a hymn to essentiality because of its ideal proportions.

Elica, created by Brian Sironi, is notable for its classic adaptability. Because of its universal language that speaks to everyone, its sobriety makes it appropriate for every setting and resonates with those who value both modernity and tradition.


Elica is timeless in its fundamental rigor.

That click you don't see

That click you don't see

The lighting is almost transformed into a ritual, for only by the simple rotation of its arm does the light turn on and off, in a movement that defies the idea of a switch.

Elica reveals its essence without displaying any visible switches or mechanisms; the light is produced by the arm's simple movement.


The act of turning on Elica becomes a ritual, a precise and satisfying task that comes before any activity: the lamp turns on (or off) with a gentle, circular "click," signaling the start or finish of an activity.

The 270° rotation alternates the switching on and off the lamp.

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