Ciulifruli Outdoor

Ciulifruli Outdoor


Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia Emiliana Martinelli




Ciulifruli is a pendant lamp for outdoor in rotomoulded polyethylene. The light is diffused. Ciulifruli consists of a bulb holder with 5 colours to choose from (white, green, blue, yellow, red) and an interchangeable white diffuser. There are 5 diffuser shapes available.

Given that it is a colorful and jovial lamp, the outdoor power cable has been chosen orange colored as opposed to the Ciulifruli indoor lamp version, whose cable is white and more modest for an indoor setting.

You can experiment with the diffusers' forms and heights for a composition, arrange the lamps in a certain pattern or at random, and have fun with the lighting by casting shadows and focusing light in specific areas. With Ciulifruli outdoor you can explore different combinations.

Designed by Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia
Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia
"Architecture is the meeting of two souls: that of the place and that of man".
Designed by Emiliana Martinelli
Emiliana Martinelli
Photography, graphics and painting are his favourite hobbies. He always has a notebook and pencil with him to draw and capture that moment of an expression, a shadow, an effect that stimulates his imagination.
Ciulifruli Outdoor
How to compose Ciulifruli outdoor
The bulb holder

Choose the colour of the bulb holders and choose the shape of the diffusers, it's as simple as that.

The single bulb holder comes with a cable and plug (code 30858) and is available in five colors: white, yellow, green, blue, and red. These vibrant, enjoyable colors make the space livelier and invigorate you.

Lamp body Ciulifruli COD. 30858
Diameter 10,8 cm
Height 14 cm
Typology A plug
Structure material Polyethylene
Available in colours:
Ciulifruli outdoor diffuser

There are five diffuser shapes, and they are identified by numbers rather than names. The bulb for diffusers 1-2-3 is the same (code 5049), whereas the ones for diffusers 4 and 5 are different (codes 5056 and 5278, respectively). The shape is what is in control.

The diffusers' shapes are all rounded, some with vertical and some horizontal extension; if your project includes multiple lamps composition, the result will be distinctive while maintaining homogeneity. A bit more directional or a little more diffuse light diffusion is made possible by the assortment of shapes. 

Diffuser Ciulifruli COD. 30860
Diameter 23 cm
Height 19 cm
Diffuser Ciulifruli COD. 30861
Diameter 15 cm
Height 29 cm
Diffuser Ciulifruli COD. 30862
Diameter 29 cm
Height 12,5 cm
Diffuser Ciulifruli COD. 30859
Diameter 16 cm
Height 16 cm
Diffuser Ciulifruli COD. 30903
Diameter 50 cm
Height 40 cm
Diffuser material Polyethylene
Available in colours: