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Metrica in the table version is characterised by a polished black body with a height of 28 cm resting on a polished white circular base. The lamp is completed by a leather strap positioned at its end to extract the light source. The light source, which is 20 cm long, is hidden inside the support that forms the base and lights up as soon as it is extracted, gradually increasing in intensity until it reaches its maximum position. Metrica table lamp can be used on a desk to illuminate with a diffuse and soft light its own workstation or on tables of all kinds.


    Technical Specifications

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    family: Metrica
    Utilization: indoor
    Typology: table lamps
    This item is available in the following countries:
    Body Color: 
    Diffuser Color: 
    Body Materials: 
    Diffuser Materials: 
    opal policarbonate
    Light source
    Height: 28 - 0,8 (base) cm
    Depth: 28,8 - 20 (estrazione sorgente led)
    Watt: 11,2W
    Lumen: 340 lm
    Light Source: led
    CRI: >80
    duration: 50000
    CCT: 4000K
    Energy degree: A++
    Device Specifications
    Type of emission: direct
    Driver: included
    Power supply assembly: external
    Power supply: electronic driver on the plug
    Type of dimming: electronic
    Voltage: 24/230V
    Technical drawing
    Technical drawing
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