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Innocenzo Rifino and Diego Rossi, after several years of independent professional experience between Italy and Japan developing robotics, lighting and interaction design projects, founded Studio Habits in 2004.

Over the years the Studio has expanded its professional experience in different industrial areas, developed co-operations in various parts of the world and followed projects of global relevance. The work largely focuses on digital products, IoT and smart objects, home automation, household appliances and lighting.

Studio Habits has implemented a design method based on the rapid transition from ideas to prototypes, according to a continuous and concrete cycle that leads to a consistent representation and definition of the design idea. It has collected over 100 international design awards, including the Red Dot, IF, Good Design, Design Plus, German Design Award, ADI Compasso d'Oro.

A design methodology focused on the quick conversion of concepts into prototypes has been put into place by Studio Habits, following a continuous and tangible cycle that results in a uniform representation and definition of the design idea.

The team consists of professionals from different and complementary backgrounds: industrial designers, electronic/mechanical engineers, modellers, interaction designers, visual designers, research designers.

The team members are also involved as lecturers in various European universities, including the Faculty of Design at the Politecnico di Milano, one of the world's most renowned design universities in the discipline.