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Lampada Lady Galala outdoor   new
design Peluffo & Partners, 2021

Lady Galala is a suspension lamp consisting of an interior body that combines three different conical-shaped diffusers of different diameters and shades of colour, that recall the sun and the sea: yellow and orange, like the light at sunset reflected in a thousand shades on the sand; blue and white, like the foam of the sea created by the waves. This lamp can therefore assume many configurations, colour-shapes, changing easily its appearance. Like a child's game.

Body for outdoor use (code 40171.1) made of resin painted in anthracite colour, to be integrated with bi-satin methacrylate diffusers.
One body and up to three diffusers of your choice are required to compose the lamp.

40172.1/BI 1. Ø25 H18 - white
40172.1/GI 2. Ø25 H18 - yellow
40172.1/BL 3. Ø25 H18 - blue
40172.1/AR 4. Ø25 H18 - orange

40173.1/BI 1. Ø40 H12 - white
40173.1/GI 2. Ø40 H12 - yellow
40173.1/BL 3. Ø40 H12 - blue
40173.1/AR 4. Ø40 H12 - orange

40174.1/BI 1. Ø60 H7 - white
40174.1/GI 2. Ø60 H7 - yellow
40174.1/BL 3. Ø60 H7 - blue
40174.1/AR 4. Ø60 H7 - orange


Technical Specifications

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family: Lady Galala
Utilization: external
Typology: outdoor
Certifications: IP54CEClass 2
This item is available in the following countries:
Body Color: 
Body Materials: 
Diffuser Materials: 
satin glass
Light source
Height: 30 cm
Diameter: 60 cm
Watt: MAX 23W E27
Lumen: 1920 lm
Light Source: led
CRI: >80
duration: 20000
CCT: 3000K
Energy degree: E
Device Specifications
Type of emission: direct/diffused
Power cable length: 250 cm
Driver: not included
Voltage: 230V
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