Lady Galala Indoor

Lady Galala Indoor


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Lady Galala (indoor) is a modular pendant defined by the different formal and colour combinations, a key feature of this lamp.

Lady Galala is composed of an inner body that combines three types of conical diffusers each with different diameter and height. The color scheme is also evocative: yellow and orange recall the sun, the sea and the light at sunset reflected on the sand while blue and white are reminiscent of the sea foam created by the waves.

With Lady Galala you can create up to eight configurations. The shape and finish of the cones also determine the type of light, direct or diffused.
Central structure, body: matt white painted aluminium (cod. 40171).

Bi-satin methacrylate diffusers:
40172/BI 1. Ø25 H18 - white
40172/GI 2. Ø25 H18 - yellow
40172/BL 3. Ø25 H18 - blue
40172/AR 4. Ø25 H18 - orange

40173/BI 1. Ø40 H12 - white
40173/GI 2. Ø40 H12 - yellow
40173/BL 3. Ø40 H12 - blue
40173/AR 4. Ø40 H12 - orange

40174/BI 1. Ø60 H7 - white
40174/GI 2. Ø60 H7 - yellow
40174/BL 3. Ø60 H7 - blue
40174/AR 4. Ø60 H7 - orange

  • ArchiProducts Design Award 2021 ArchiProducts Design Award
  • IF Design Award 2022 IF Design Award
  • ADI Design Index 2022 ADI Design Index
Designed by Peluffo & Partners
Peluffo & Partners
The keywords of the Peluffo&Partners Architecture Studio are colour, matter, light, much with little, never little with much.
Lady Galala Indoor
The power of colour, the play of light
The muscle of the lamp is its body

The centerpiece of Lady Galala, a painted aluminum main body that surprises with its lightness, is the supporting framework. It is the starting point of your design, and you cannot develop the configuration you desire without it.

The body mechanism that keeps the diffuses together is made to enable them to be put together and taken apart in a matter of seconds, ensuring an immediate change in look as needed.

Body lamp Lady Galala Indoor COD. 40171
Watt 23
Diameter 11,2 cm
Height 7,8 cm

The lamp body supports a maximum of 3 diffusers.

Structure material Aluminium
Available in colours:
Play with diffusers

It's time for the diffusers to come into play, the real protagonists of Lady Galala, its soul.

Three shapes are available, four colours.

By changing the order of the addends, the result... changes.
In fact, you may create different atmospheres by creatively combining colors and diffusers arrangements, which come in a variety of forms with varying diameters, heights, and shapes.

For a calming impression, use warm colors and inverted cones, or go completely white for classic style. But if you decide to inject some vitality into the space all you have to do is change the color or just flip and rearrange the diffusers. Even if the lamp is already mounted, whenever you wish.

Diffuser Lady Galala Indoor COD. 40172
Diameter 25 cm
Height 18 cm
Diffuser Lady Galala Indoor COD. 40173
Diameter 40 cm
Height 12 cm
Diffuser Lady Galala Indoor COD. 40174
Diameter 60 cm
Height 7 cm
Diffuser material Methacrylate
Available in colours:

Start composing your Lady Galala now, discover how she can change her strength and identity by playing with shapes and colours. With the configurator you can't go wrong, it helps you with the combinations because it automatically excludes solutions that are not covered. Capture images and save configurations to appreciate the opportunities you have.