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40171.1 Lady Galala outdoor
design Peluffo & Partners, 2021

Interchangeability is the creative inspiration of this lamp: thanks to the three modules available in four different colours, it is possible to configure different combinations of shapes and colours to better contextualise it within the living and architectural space.

Body lamp for outdoor use (code 40171.1) made of resin painted in white colour, for suspension for diffused light lamp, to be integrated with bi-satin methacrylate diffusers.

40172.1/BI 1. Ø25 H18 - white
40172.1/GI 2. Ø25 H18 - yellow
40172.1/BL 3. Ø25 H18 - blue
40172.1/AR 4. Ø25 H18 - orange

40173.1/BI 1. Ø40 H12 - white
40173.1/GI 2. Ø40 H12 - yellow
40173.1/BL 3. Ø40 H12 - blue
40173.1/AR 4. Ø40 H12 - orange

40174.1/BI 1. Ø60 H7 - white
40174.1/GI 2. Ø60 H7 - yellow
40174.1/BL 3. Ø60 H7 - blue
40174.1/AR 4. Ø60 H7 - orange

A body and up to three diffusers of your choice are required to compose the lamp.


Technical Specifications

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family: Lady Galala
Utilization: external
Typology: outdoor
table lamps
Certifications: IP65CEFClass 1
This item is available in the following countries:
Body Color: 
Diffuser Color: 
satin white
Body Materials: 
Diffuser Materials: 
satin glass
Light source
Height: 35 cm
Diameter: 60 cm
Net weight: 1,5 Kg
Watt: MAX 23W E27
Lumen: 1920 lm
Light Source: led
CRI: >80
duration: 20000
CCT: 3000K
Energy degree: E
Device Specifications
Type of emission: direct/diffused
Power cable length: 2,5 cm
Driver: not included
Voltage: 230V
Technical drawing
Technical drawing
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