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Lady Galala Peluffo & Partners, 2021

Unleash your creativity

Modularity, colour, transformation, these are the key words to describe at best this pendant lamp with direct and diffused LED light, for indoor and outdoor use.
It takes its name from the area of Mount Galala in Egypt where it was hosted a Contract project. Infact this light was conceived for the project and carries in its DNA the changing conformation of this territory.
Lady Galala is an elegant, colourful, modular lamp that changes according to your needs.
You can have fun composing and combining the three modules in satin methacrylate in several colours to have a lamp that is always different in your environment.


Lady Galala was conceived during a meeting under a tent in the mountainous desert of Sokhna, Egypt. It was imagined as moved by the wind, it was envisaged in a dream of colours and joy, mounted and hung casually, for an evening of shisha, tea, Turkish coffee, or for an Iftar after sunset.
In the various combinations it resembles the appearance of the East, the Middle East, Africa, the Mediterranean and finally of our own home.
A madeleine of light and lightness