Serge & Robert Cornelissen




Cordon is a modular light where the cable takes center stage and is an essential component of the design.

The cable flows from one bright spot to another with the elegance of vines embracing trees, illuminating any area you want. Cordon also solves the issue of the distance between the power outlet and the required: you can play with the cable and move the light to any desired location, even if you don't have a ceiling light point.

Designed by Serge & Robert Cornelissen
Serge & Robert Cornelissen
With more than two decades of experience in lighting design Serge Cornelissen combines aesthetics with technical aspects and different lighting needs.
Give your rooms movement
The cable

The cable in its different lengths gives rhythm and dynamism to the lamp. Basically, it is supplied in lengths of 3 and 5 meters, but different lengths are available depending on the composition.

If the ceiling light point is not present, the lamp is powered by connecting a cable to the socket.

Cable kit Cordon COD. 40184
Length 300 cm
Cable kit Cordon COD. 40185
Length 500 cm
Cable kit with plug Cordon COD. 40186
Length 500 cm
Structure material Pvc - Polyvinyl Chloride
Available in colours:
The cylinders

The structure is black, while white or red are the internal colours of the diffuser. The cylinders are complete with LED light source and ballast and can be positioned freely on the ceiling: randomly, linearly, point-like or to create a specific pattern.

Minimalism merges with artistic expression, and Cordon reveals itself in a play of contrasts and rhythms.

Light module Cordon COD. 40183
Height 22 cm
Diameter 8 cm
Watt 8,4
Lumen 1000
Structure material Aluminium
Diffuser material Polycarbonate
Available in colours:
The Canopy

The Cordon canopy is only available in black and does not contain any power supplies. Its function is more aesthetically pleasing, covering the contact point for the power supply.

Canopy Cordon COD. 40187
Diameter 5,5 cm
Height 2,5 cm
Structure material Nylon
Available in colours: