Colibrì magnetic

Colibrì magnetic


Emiliana Martinelli


Pendant, Wall, Ceiling


The modular Colibrì Magnetico lamp plays everything on the union of modules thanks to magnetic spherical joints that enable three-dimensional effects suspended in the air.

The selection of this kind of junction allows the design and assembly of the lamp to be extremely flexible and versatile. Due to the lack of screws or other fastening components, the final step is made simpler, quicker, and more intuitive.

Another key benefit provided by the spherical magnets is the freedom in adding or removing light modules.

The finished product is a distributed in space without angle restrictions, light, and harmonious structure.

Light from the Colibrì Magnetico is both direct and indirect. The diffuser of the lamp can be covered with an iridescent film to give it an even more dynamic appearance.

Main Features:
  • Tuya Tuya
  • Magnetic joint Magnetic joint
  • UGR compatible UGR compatible
Designed by Emiliana Martinelli
Emiliana Martinelli
Photography, graphics and painting are his favourite hobbies. He always has a notebook and pencil with him to draw and capture that moment of an expression, a shadow, an effect that stimulates his imagination.
Colibrì magnetic
How to compose Colibrì Magnetico
The circular canopy

Colibrì Magnetico's canopy has a diameter of 21,5 cm and comes in black and bronze. It accommodates both an on/off and dimmable power supply (Push/Dali, POT. 10KΩ, 0-10V, 1-10V).

Canopy with driver Calabronet/Colibrì COD. 40114
Watt 75
Diameter 21,5 cm
Height 5,35 cm
Plug-in power supply 230/24V Colibrì Magnetic COD. 40167
Watt 60
Structure material Aluminium
Available in colours:
The modules

Professionals' requirement for design flexibility is met by the light modules and magnetic spheres while yet allowing for innovation.

The modules have a single length (137 cm) and are adjustable. This makes it possible not only to have direct or indirect light, but also to create light/shadow effects.

Light module Colibrì Magnetic COD. 2080/1, 2080/2, 2080/3
Length 137 cm (x1 - x2 - x3)
Diameter 2,5 cm
Watt 14 (x1 - x2 - x3)
Lumen 2300 (x1 - x2 - x3)
Structure material Aluminium
Diffuser material Methacrylate 040
Available in colours:
Magnetic spheres

The spheres provide you the angles you need for your design by allowing you to utilize their whole surface area.

In addition, suspension cables are significantly reduced due to the sphere and power cable directly linking two modules, all of which improves the end product's attractiveness.

Spherical magnet Colibrì Magnetic COD. 30836
Diameter 2,6 cm
Structure material Neodymium
Available in colours:
The dichroic film

The magnetic sphere structure also gives the modular lamp a rather modern look that is emphasized by applying a dichroic film if you want to create a more eclectic and livelier atmosphere An aesthetic change for a technically born lamp.

Radiant film Colibrì Magnetic COD. 40072
Structure material Polyethylene
Available in colours:
The bracket

If you wish to customize Colibrì Magnetico for the wall, you can play about with the depths and select from two different bracket height options.

Wall bracket for magnet Colibrì Magnetic COD. 40123, 40123.1
Length 4 cm - 8 cm
Diameter 2,5 cm
Structure material Iron
Available in colours:

Colibrì Magnetico is the best option in any setting where it is necessary to combine lighting effectiveness with imaginative lighting compositions. Not only for huge spaces, but also for home settings because of its small diameter. Play with the configurator and experiment with various figures.