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cobra Elio Martinelli, Emiliana Martinelli, 1968

Roundness in motion

This lamp is held into a sphere, two horizontal tops separate the reflector from the base. The reflector’s rotatory movement around the central articulation constantly describes new spheres. A sinuous, dynamic and agile shape, like a cobra that swings hypnotized by the music but ready to the spring. It is moulded with one single material, that is to say thermosetting resin, and available in bright colours, white, black or red.

Cobra 100

It was on my mother’s birthday when my father Elio arrived home driving a yellow Beetle. It was his present for Anna, who loved this colour.
On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birth, I wanted to remember him with a special edition of one of the lamps he designed, the “Cobra”, probably the most significant because it encloses his entire design philosophy: purity of shape, geometry, innovation, experimentation with materials and construction technologies.
Produced in yellow in 100 numbered and signed copies.
Available by pre-ordering on our website.

Cobra Texture

Cobra, designed by Elio Martinelli in 1968 is 50 years old, but doesn't look it.
A lamp still in the catalogue today for the fascination it continues to exert for the public.
To celebrate Cobra's 50th birthday, we thought of a new color, Lacquer Red: a brilliant color, a symbol of fire, joy, strength, love, full of emotion... a color that underlines even more the strong personality of this lamp.
In the 1970s, Cobra had already been proposed in bright colors such as yellow, orange and red, but in a more orangey shade. Almost a revival to recall a lamp that fully expresses Martinelli Luce's design philosophy: simplicity, rigor, technology, dynamism.
A lamp that is still timely, even if it took several years for its innovative design to be appreciated despite its simple formal rigor, and its presence in some well-known movies is further proof of this.


Setting up your Cobra is easy and fun, try it.