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629/SC cobra scorpius

A cosmic Cobra! Scorpio crossed by the Milky Way.
Scorpio is one of the brightest and most beautiful constellations to observe. Majestic and yet fearsome, it embodies two strong instinctive features: a great energy and a magical ability to read into the human spirit. Undisputed master of the mysterious world of instincts. Tenacious and persevering, stubborn I’d say. Brave, taking spur from risk. With a great intuitive ability and a capacity for observation. Rational and farsighted. Curious, lover of competition and of a worthy opponent to make the game more challenging and hence more fun.
The lower body part turns on a steel made base connected with the upper body part by means of a central joint for a 360° rotation. The interior reflector is made with white painted aluminium.Designed by Elio Martinelli in 1968, Cobra is one of the first lighting fixtures produced with a special resin molding system. The lamp is characterized by simple lines and a geometric shape inscribed in a sphere, but, with the rotation of the arm, the reflector takes a position that recalls the head of a cobra ready to shoot.


    Technical Specifications

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    family: cobra
    Utilization: indoor
    Typology: table lamps
    Certifications: IP20CEEnecFClass 1
    This item is available in the following countries:
    Body Color: 
    Diffuser Color: 
    Body Materials: 
    Diffuser Materials: 
    Light source
    Height: 40 cm
    Diameter: 40 cm
    Net weight: 8,5 Kg
    Watt: 12W E27
    Lumen: 1180 lm
    Light Source: led
    duration: 25000
    CCT: 3000K
    Energy degree: A+
    Device Specifications
    Type of emission: direct
    Power: 15W
    Light output: 1147lm
    Power cable length: 40+200 cm
    Voltage: 230V
    Energy label
    Technical drawing
    Technical drawing
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