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KIKI Paola Navone, 2018

Chain of hanging lights

Kiki is a chain of hanging lights for outdoor use comprised of 3, 5 or 10 light points fixed at a distance of 100 cm one from the other on the electrical cable. Available in three versions: 8-meter cable length pre-arranged for 3 light points, 10-meter cable length pre-arranged for 5 light points and 15-m cable for 10 light points.


Kiki has the liveliness and lightweight beauty of Chinese paper lanterns.
With a pinch of irony, traditions belonging to faraway worlds become contaminated and give life to a chain of lights to be used in a thousand different ways.
To decorate a terrace, a garden or an indoor space with lights.
To make a party special.
Kiki can have many lives. Always different and creative.

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