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2315/N Cyborg Big outdoor   new
design Karim Rashid, 2019

Outdoor floor lamp providing diffused light. Rotomoulded polyethylene lamp body in the colour white.
LED bulb light source, with cable and plug.

Available in the version with direct light. Rotomoulded polyethylene lamp body in the colours green or red.
The coloured version of Cyborg Big is made with Geco 30, the best choice for mechanical performance. Geco 30 contains EcoAllene® that is derived from recycled polylaminates.
The company Ecoplastem, using patented techniques, has developed a production system that makes it possible to use waste polylaminates (PO-AL) to create EcoAllene®. This is achieved by recycling and reprocessing items otherwise destined for incineration or landfill such as beverage cartons, oily product packaging, confectionery wrappers, hot drink capsules, etc.


    Technical Specifications

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    family: cyborg
    Utilization: external
    Typology: outdoor
    floor lamps
    Certifications: IP65CEClass 2
    This item is available in the following countries:
    Body Color: 
    Body Materials: 
    Light source
    Height: 160 cm
    Diameter: 85 cm
    Net weight: 11 Kg
    Watt: 20W E27 T46
    Lumen: 1910 lm
    Light Source: led
    CRI: >85
    duration: 25000
    CCT: 3000K
    Energy degree: F
    Bulb not provided, the above values are suggestions
    Device Specifications
    Type of emission: diffused
    Voltage: 230V
    Energy Efficiency
    This product is sold without bulb
    Technical drawing
    Technical drawing
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