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ciulifruli Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia, Emiliana Martinelli, 2015

Fruit – Fruits. CiuliFruli… a tribute to Elvy!

Cheery, light and functional, CiuliFruli is designed to be hung amidst the branches of a tree, in a gazebo or from the ceiling, alone or in a bunch in the indoor version. 
A game of shapes and colors that enlivens a corner of your garden as well as large spaces.


Wonder, play, spontaneity.
Light can be many things but it moves us and belongs to us when we can play with it, write and read spaces that are at times collective, at times intimate with it.
The spontaneous game of a dialogue between smiles and knowing glances is the will to reaffirm the importance of always conferring shape to a desire, to a dream… 
that accompanies us back to the beginning of it all and that we then risk losing… to our detriment.

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