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Due to its versatility and exquisite form, the winner of the 2019 IF Product form Award is a versatile choice for lighting and decorating outdoor areas, paths, driveways, and gardens.

Bruco can be configured in different ways, both as a floor-standing and wall-mounted variant. You can choose individual light heads that are dispersed across the landscape like plants or aesthetic features, or you can use it to illuminate a path by employing it as a path marker.On walls, though, you can design bespoke lighting effects. Bruco is made to last for a very long period in the elements. Die-cast aluminum and an embedded LED are its materials. There are two colors available: corten and anthracite. It can be connected directly to the 230V mains electricity.

  • IF Design Award 2019 IF Design Award
Designed by Studio Natural
Studio Natural
"Designing is the application of a creative process."
What you need to compose Bruco

The elements that allow you to compose the Bruco outdoor lamp are:

·        the base

·        the poles (but it’s optional)

·        the joints

·        the head, i.e. the illuminating body lamp

·        the cap

To fix Bruco to the ground, a concrete plinth is required.
With its clever modular design, the Bruco lamp gives you the freedom to customise the height and number of light fittings.

Bruco lamp floor
What you need to know for this composition. The simplest part is the choice of colours: anthracite and corten. After that, the configuration depends on the purpose of your project. Thanks to its intuitive installation system, you can decide whether you want a lower lamp to create a more direct light or a higher lamp. The number of luminaires is just as flexible as the possibility to orient them. Here's how.

Bruco lamp floor with one body lamp
You need a base that you can apply the illuminating body directly to before capping it off. This manner, you can use a single source of direct light to create a minimalist impression.

Light module Bruco COD. 40059
Height 13,5 cm
Depth 14 cm
Diameter 6,5 cm
Watt 8
Lumen 820
Light module Bruco COD. 40212
Height 11 cm
Diameter 21 cm
Watt 10
Lumen 1000
Light module Bruco COD. 40213
Height 8 cm
Diameter 6,5 cm
Watt 2,1
Lumen 207
Structure material Aluminium
Diffuser material Polycarbonate
Available in colours:

Bruco lamp floor with more body lamps
If you prefer a more intense and immersive illumination, you can add further lamp heads that always end with the cap.

You may utilize up to four lamp bodies at a time. You always start with the base, and this time, you link the three-height pole to the base.

The maximum height of the Bruco composition is 2 metres.

The luminaires can be arranged at different points along the structure of the lamp, allowing you to create unique and customised combinations.

Lamp heads adjustability
Lamp heads can be arranged with the light beam downwards or upwards. Once mounted they are not adjustable, the orientation must be decided before setting up the lamp. You can arrange them in 4 positions with a 90° difference between each of them.

Bruco is an outdoor lamp that is not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. Seeing it pop up from the ground is also fun. It copes with environmental challenges in the outdoors and is therefore also sustainable.

Top Bruco COD. 40060
Height 1 cm
Diameter 6,5 cm
Base Bruco COD. 40061
Height 3 cm
Diameter 13 cm
Joint Bruco COD. 40062
Height 0,5 cm
Diameter 6,5 cm
Pole Bruco COD. 40063
Height 33 cm
Diameter 6,5 cm
Pole Bruco COD. 40064
Height 47 cm
Diameter 6,5 cm
Pole Bruco COD. 40181
Height 138,5 cm
Diameter 6,5 cm
Structure material Aluminium
Available in colours:

Try adding and orienting luminaires to your Bruco, observe how its appearance changes and how it can, therefore, adapt to the perception you want to give to the environment in which you install them.

Photometric curve
Technical drawing