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elica Brian Sironi, 2009

A trail of light

The movement produces light, by rotating the arm ”elica” does not fly off, but it lightens and goes out, there are no switches that alter the harmony of its shape; it is a propeller of mere light that shapes.

The perspectives of the Elica

These sketches were made by Brian Sironi in order to give an idea of his invention set in reality. They represent the lamp in two different perspectives, in the first image it is represented frontally so that you can see every single element which composes the lamp, while in the second image it is represented from above, in order to understand its activation/functionality.

About Elica?

The birth of ELICA, from the prototype to the Compasso d'Oro. An interview to Brian Sironi, the designer who conquered Martinelli Luce and the world of design with an essential and functional Concept Lamp.


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