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Elastica Studio Habits, 2019

Light is soft, flexible, interactive

Connect the floor to the ceiling. Do it in a new, flexible and fluid way with a strip of light.
Change its position, play, experience the pleasure of touch. 
Feel how soft light is.
Make a quick gesture downward and it will light up.
Pull it slowly upward or downward and its intensity will change.

A colourful strip in elastic fabric, simple, technological and interactive. With a touch you can switch it on, off and dim it. On the one hand it illuminates thanks to the flexible LED circuit, on the other hand it marks the interior with colorful lines.


"One evening in the studio's fablab, surrounded by the prototypes realized for the participation to the “Fuorisalone” event at Super Studio, we were watching at one in particular. We had been trying for some time to develop a textile floor-to-ceiling lamp. We had spools of elastic braces used for the floor-to-ceiling prototype, and thinking about how to exploit their mechanical properties, we thought that elasticity could become a metaphor of the intensity for an innovative experience in terms of the modulation of the light."

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