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The revolution of the 1960s in Genoa

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The revolution of the 1960s in Genoa
April, 2022

At Theatre of Falcone, Royal Palace, Genoa 14 April - 31 July 2022

Architecture, society and the visual arts. An exhibition-fresco ranging from art to design, from architecture to photography.
Leaving the wounds of war behind, old Genoa is transformed, driven by a new energy of growth in all sectors.
The exhibition is a chronological and thematic itinerary organized in sections telling the great Genoa transformations in the years of the economic boom through objects and visual arts. Years that saw new cultural impulses, social changes and new languages.

An exciting journey through that hotbed of energy and existential visions, marked by the shots of some of the great Genoese photographers active at the time – Lisetta Carmi and Giorgio Bergami above all – with architectural drawings, designer furnishings, advertising graphics, industrial objects, paintings and sculptures by leading authors, from Lucio Fontana to Andy Warhol, from Mimmo Rotella to Vico Magistretti, from Gio Ponti to Franco Albini, from Angelo Mangiarotti to Eugenio Carmi.
An exhibition both for the youngest, who did not live through the years of ferment and rebirth, and for those who did, between light and shadow.
The exhibition is promoted by Royal Palace (Ministry of Culture) edited by Alessandra Guerrini and Luca Leoncini with Benedetto Besio, Luisa Chimenz, Leo Lecci and Elisabetta Papone.
Martinelli Luce contributes to the exhibition with Serpente, the iconic lamp designed by Elio Martinelli in 1965. A lamp with evocative power, a timeless style and design that still retains its power of attraction. A contribution at that time to the creation of a new modern lifestyle.

Martinelli Luce is also the technical sponsor of the exhibition "The revolution of the 1960s in Genoa”.

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