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Sergio Asti - STUDY DAY

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Sergio Asti - STUDY DAY
May, 2022

A study day dedicated to Sergio Asti.

On Wednesday 11th May, in Milan will be held a conference dedicated to Sergio Asti, architect and designer died in 2021. In the industrial design field, he was one of the first, in the ‘50s, to tackle this subject.

Many objects designed by Sergio Asti are present in the collections of the most important museums, and in private collections in Italy and abroad. Thanks to the contributions of scholars and the testimonies of the companies he worked with, the day dedicated to him is intended to open a theoretical and critical reflection on the significant designer’s design work. Emiliana Martinelli will take part in the day in the afternoon with a talk on "The project of light".

An opportunity to be seized by those who want to learn more about the great Milan master.

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