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Martinelli Luce goes to Milano Design week 2021

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Martinelli Luce goes to Milano Design week 2021
August, 2021

Martinelli Luce will join Milano Design Week 2021 through the participation in several exhibitions in which the company will talk about its design philosophy and the eclecticism of its catalogue.


Elle Decor Italia - La casa Fluida

Palazzo Bovara – Corso Venezia 51

from 5th to 12nd of september

The exhibition "La casa Fluida", proposed by Elle Decor Italia for the Milan Design week 2021 and curated by Elisa Ossino Studio, introduces the concept of a 360° home, enhanced, interconnected and at the same time intimate. No longer just a private space but a place dedicated to work, wellness, shopping... 

The exhibition aims to be a contemporary and innovative analysis of the new increasingly fluid habitats where the key word is "ultra domesticity".  

Martinelli Luce will be present with a proposal of lamps that best describe the new way people live their homes: Elastica, Delux, Elica, Calabrone, Biconica, Frog, Elmetto, Ruspa and Cobra.


Donne & Design

Superstudio Più – via Tortona 27

from 4th to 10th of september

The SuperDesign Show will feature the exhibition "Women & Design", curated by Silvana Annichiarico, dedicated to female creativity. Designers of great interest and talent, selected in Italy and abroad, will present their projects. 

Emiliana Martinelli will exhibit some of the most significant lamps of her career as a designer: decorative, architectural and outdoor. 

Visitors will be able to discover the creativity, style and design traits of the architect and president of the homonymous company.


Cult & Must

Superstudio Più – via Tortona 27

from 4th to 10th of september

The exhibition curated by Giulio Cappellini within the SuperDesign Show aims to create an itinerary promoting the most interesting design, art, food, fashion, technology and other projects of the last 20 years.

The exhibition with a space of more than 2,500 square metres will thus become a contemporary "museum" where you can discover the products that, although contemporary, have already proved to have an unforgettable impact on our lives. 

Biconica Pol, Amica, Elica and Minipistrello cordless are the lamps by Martinelli Luce that will be displayed in the exhibition.


Il Design. Un viaggio tra Italia e Spagna - Interni

Università degli Studi di Milano - Via Festa del Perdono, 7

from 4th to 9th of september

Hosted in the Interni exhibition, the second edition of "Design. A Journey between Italy and Spain", is the competition organised by the Italian Embassy in Madrid and aimed at design schools and designers under 35 years of age. The theme of the competition is "The identity object", that is, all those objects that qualify an environment on the basis of memory and are transformed by change. The installation, created by Davide Valoppi, involves and sets the projects of the participants of the contest, including Martinelli Luce's prototype: the NAHE lamp - designed by Carla Jörgens Vidal. 

The three red cages - recalling the link between Italy and Spain - represent the lockdown period. The two lateral cages are filled with the frenetic noises of a by now digital society, leading to a larger central cage, illuminated and decorated by Martinelli Luce's Ciulifruli hanging lamps; here the atmosphere and sounds are more relaxed, the environment more comfortable and welcoming, and one finally feels at ease. Could this be the beginning of a revolution?

Tempo e luogo della materia (Costellazioni)

Simposio Design – viale Umbria 49

from 7th to 10th of september

Gianluca Peluffo, architect and designer of the studio Peluffo & Partners, inaugurates on Tuesday 7 September at 6:30 p.m. the new offices in the Simposio Design building.

For the occasion Martinelli Luce is curating the "Costellazione" installation: twenty Lady Galala lamps, designed by Peluffo & Partners, which ideally form a constellation inside the same building. 

A multicoloured and multiform "galaxy" that spreads in a light and airy way in space.

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