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September, 2021

Lady Galala lamps in "Costellazioni" exhibition at Simposio Design

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Lady Galala lamps opened the path of the exhibition "Tempo e luogo della Materia. Costellazioni" by Gianluca Peluffo, at Simposio Design. The thousand colours and shapes of the suspensions illuminated the external area of the showroom and created the way to access the internal space of the exhibition.
Inside the exhibition, some of Gianluca Peluffo's architecture models, a project born from the design philosophy that the two companies, Simposio Design for interiors and Gianluca Peluffo for architecture, share, confirming the collaboration developed for current and future projects.

The "Lady Galala" interior and outdoor lamps designed by Peluffo&Partners for Martinelli Luce consist of three conical elements that can be combined in five different configurations. But it is the colour variants of the elements that determine the infinite possibility of combinations, and this peculiarity was perfectly matched with the design concept of the exhibition. "To go to different places with a strong identity that is not imposed, as form and language, but reacts to the conditions of the place: depending on where we are, we decline it in different and contemporary ways".
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