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February, 2020

Gae Aulenti and Martinelli Luce at Vitra Design Museum

Gae Aulenti and Martinelli Luce at Vitra Design Museum
From 29 February to 11 October 2020 the Vitra Design Museum will dedicate an exhibition to Gae Aulenti, entitled "Gae Aulenti: A Creative Universe". 
On display will be 35 objects that retrace her entire working production, correlated with photographs, drawings, interviews and docufilms.

The exhibition aims to explore Gae Aulenti's multifaceted body of work, focusing not only on her production of design objects and architectural projects, but also interiors, set and custom design, which reveal her immense versatility and her great sensitivity in detecting and satisfying every single working need. 
Among the various productions on display will also include Martinelli Luce's lamps such as Pipistrello, perhaps the most iconic product ever associated with Gae Aulenti and  Ruspa, both products that are symbols of Italy in the 1960s.  

The exhibition will open with an Opening by Nina Artioli, architect's granddaughter   and President of the Gae Aulenti archive, entitled "Gae Aulenti and the Myth of Italian Design".

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