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Sistema Mamba

Mamba is total freedom of design. Through only 4 elements you can create an infinity of paths and solutions that adapt to both architectural and decorative uses. The main peculiarity is knowing how to combine a high luminous efficacy with a discreet and captivating presence. This allows to illuminate large spaces such as offices or public places and at the same time to furnish domestic environments, both by creating suspended compositions and ceiling (wall, ceiling) compositions.

The examples below are intended to be a source of inspiration for your projects; look at all the MAMBA modules and accessories to free your creativity.

The Mamba modules have LED sources and can be dimmed (such as dimming: Dali, Push, 0-10V, 1-10V and Triac 5 wires).


Technical video that describes the many possibilities of creating, with just a few elements, infinite paths of light: linear, curved, circular and square.

mamba composer
Open the composer to create your own Mamba.
See tutorial to better compose your lamp.
mamba Modules & Accessories


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