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LENT Yonoh Studio Creative, 2017

A slim, silent disc 

A large hanging disc conceived to obtain an acoustic correction.
To the eyes it appears sober, powerful and at the same time lean and elegant.
If you touch it, you can appreciate the soft texture that caches a sophisticated technology.
Thanks to the lamp’s soundproof structure that selectively absorbs the different frequencies, Lent allows you to enjoy sound rather than noise.

Listen just what you need to hear

In communication it is important that the message arrives clear and clean, free from distraction.
Increased acoustic comfort allows messages to arrive free from outside interference and ensures a higher level of attention, making communication simpler and more direct. In addition, working in a noise-free environment allows for a higher degree of concentration and productivity.
Acoustic comfort helps you hear and feel better.

The technical video shows the characteristics of Lent's sound-absorbing pendant lamp.
A disc of more than 1 meter, available in three different colors, covered with sound-absorbing fabric, which absorbs the acoustic sources to increase the comfort of users.

Sound absorption calculation in a reverberation room based on the UNI EN ISO 354 norm.
Reverberation chamber volume: 161,3 m3


“Lent” is a creator of engrossing spaces. We thought of a lamp of large dimensions capable of creating atmospheres with its volume. The result is an object that delimits a space within other space. We also thought of using its large volume for other purposes, such as a sound absorbing panel.

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