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frog Emiliana Martinelli, 2020

Mobile, functional, cheerful

An adjustable accent light for outdoor use. You can simply place it on the ground and illuminate with its various beams of light, a hedge, a large tree, a corner of your garden and even a sculpture.


"I needed to light up some bushes and I wanted an adjustable lamp, with character, to stand on but mobile and easy to move so that I could easily light up a plant, corner of the garden or terrace and, if necessary, take it into the house. I thought of its shape as a spotlight then made of polyethylene using the rotational technique, an unusual technology for this type of lamp.
Cheerful with bold colours such as yellow, teal and anthracite. The sturdy base makes it possible to place it on the lawn or the floor, but also to fix it to the wall, so that it can light up where and what I want."