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Sistema Circular Pol XXL

The CIRCULAR POL XXL designed by Emiliana Martinelli for Martinelli Luce produces soft diffused light. The polyethylene diffusers are held by steel cables The lamp is fabricated using white roto-molded polyethylene material. Different modules are available such as the linear module, the curved module, and the angular module. By using these modules you can create variety shapes like a circle, square or many other. There are joints for each module which are used to connect one module to another.

You can purchase the complete kit for the Full Circle or the Full Square or build your own shape from the Linear, Curved, and Angle modular sections.

If you build your own you will need the Intermediate Joint for any modules you connect together and Terminal Joints for any unconnected open ends. You will also need the Connection Cable and Boss Power Cable.

circular pol XXL composer
Open the composer to create your own Circular Pol XXL.
See tutorial to better compose your lamp.
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