The Idea

Avro was born during the period when Covid obliged everyone to stay at home, a time when smart working became normal practice, changing the way we live and work. Thus, during a company online meeting, one of the participants stood up and tripped over one of the power socket wires to which his home computer was connected.

Hence, in collaboration with Studio Natural, a reflection on the changing way of life and the necessity to respond to modern habits by finding a solution to make it easier to eat, work, and play at the same table was created.

The Idea

Studio Natural has designed Avro, a pendant lamp that cleverly conceals a socket in the lower part of its shade. Because it is possible to utilize the one inside the lamp, the constraint of the nearest wall socket is no longer a limitation to the freedom of use of space.

The AVRO Family


The first born of the Avro family.
A pendant lamp with a 60 cm diameter diffuser that enhances the quality of the space with a socket under the diffuser.
Design and function integrate with spontaneity.

Avro junior

With a small diameter of 30 cm, Avro Junior was created to meet the need for space in confined areas.
Also designed to be used on tracks to make public areas flexible in the placement of devices requiring electricity.

Avro Sonda

Picking up on Avro's design, the socket alone acquires a whole new appeal thanks to the two mirrored cones at the centre of which is a diffuser that lights up at regular intervals with a soft, luminous effect that highlights the ongoing activity of the socket.

Who is Avro

Avro supports the use of electronic devices while the lamp illuminates the space, transforming a table into a truly practical workshop at the service of the user's creativity, whether in a residential or contract situation.
Avro emphasizes functionality by going beyond the concept of the wall socket and facilitating the developed habit of utilizing many electronic devices simultaneously. And easily.
Why choose AVRO

Computers, telephones, printers, all on the same floor, all within easy reach. Also equipped with dimming, the intensity of the light can be adjusted for visual comfort in relation to individual activities.


The domestic context : we've progressed to smart working, and we're talking about connectivity and interconnection. The house is no longer just a house, it is a living ecosystem. Avro satisfies the needs of those who must work from home by making it simple to organize the work environment.

The contract context : Avro enhances the shared space with the multi-socket inserted under its diffuser in a co-working space becoming an effective ally for offices and public spaces. Everyone can comfortably share the same place.

The socket

The power socket in a unique and optimal position transcends the concept of the wall socket by combining it with the flexibility to move around freely in your own area.

The Design

A slightly angled diffuser, delicate colors that soften its contour, spread light, and basic designs that stand the test of time.

The Design accessory

The cubic multi-socket with a minimalist design is an optional device that satisfies the demand for several inputs: two USB ports and three Schuko connectors. The inbuilt magnet allows for fast attachment, and the two colors, grey and ocean blue, complement the four Avro colors.

Avro ready for anything

Avro is colourful or discreet to suit your style and to fit into any space.