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"I Pittori della Luce. Da Caravaggio a Paolini” curated by Vittorio Sgarbi

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"I Pittori della Luce. Da Caravaggio a Paolini” curated by Vittorio Sgarbi
December, 2021

Martinelli Luce illuminates the exhibition "I Pittori della Luce. Da Caravaggio a Paolini" at the Ex Cavallerizza in Lucca

From 8 December 2021 to 2 October 2022 Lucca will host an exhibition capable of recounting through seventeenth-century masterpieces the role of light in painting from Caravaggio, the first director in the history of art, to Pietro Paolini, Lucca's protagonist of the most important aesthetic themes of the new naturalistic school.

In his paintings, Caravaggio, from the light to the cut of the composition, suggests an art that we recognise, a cast of sensibilities and experiences that are not those of the 17th century but those of every century in which the man is present and central. Paolini captures the light in warm tones that illuminates the scenes mainly occupied by subjects of the people in the same settings as Caravaggio.

The exhibition features around 100 works - from Italian and foreign museums, dioceses, as well as prestigious private and international collections - by the many painters who, throughout their lives, pursued Caravaggio, met him, some perhaps surpassed him, or even in some respects anticipated him. They are the luminists, called here "i Pittori della Luce", because in all their works light is the real protagonist. Alive, unavoidable, innovative. Martinelli Luce is once again a partner of Contemplazioni, organiser of the exhibition, and illuminates the entire exhibition with a series of technical spotlights on tracks specially made for the space. The brand is also present in the bookstore with the "Pioppo Luminoso" installation by Mauro Lovi, who has intervened in a warm and decisive way on the "skin" of the Pistillo lamp by Emiliana Martinelli for a special edition, dressing it like a high fashion garment, with the new Lady Galala hanging lamps designed by Peluffo & Partners and obviously a selection of the most iconic lamps such as the Pipistrello and the Cyborg.

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Martinelli Luce lights up the exhibition "The Painters of Light. From Caravaggio to Paolini" curated by Vittorio Sgarbi

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